The AVG system consists of individual program modules that ensure full protection for your computer. These modules are called components.

Which specific components your AVG installation contains, depends on which AVG Edition you have chosen. It is also possible to deselect some of the components during AVG installation process. The overview of all available components can be seen in the Main Screen of AVG.


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Each component has a specific functionality; in this chapter and subchapters, you will find a detailed description of every component included in your AVG Edition, its purpose, and setting options.

To learn more about a component, expand the Components item in the Table of Contents on the left, and navigate to the component of your interest.

Some of the components are an indivisible part of AVG installation – they are present in all editions and can’t be deselected. In the Table of Contents, such components are marked with standard AVG Anti virus book standard Components icon. Other components are edition specific, or optional. They might not be a part of your AVG installation (even though they are described in this help). In the Table of Contents, these components are indicated with specific AVG Anti virus book star Components icon.