Component Anti-Rootkit

The Anti-Rootkit component is a specialized tool designed to detect and remove dangerous rootkits.


AVG Anti virus hmtoggle arrow1 Anti Rootkit What is a rootkit?

A rootkit is a program designed to take control of the operating system. Without your knowledge or authorization, the rootkit can arrange for a complete stranger to become the real administrator of your computer. The rootkits disguise their presence by working at the lowest system level, concealing running processes, hiding system data and files etc. – for this reason, it is virtually impossible to detect a rootkit with a common antivirus software, and a specialized tool is required.


Please note that the Anti-Rootkit scan is not a default part of any of the scheduled and regularly launched AVG scans! You can adjust the settings of a scheduled scan, however, to include the anti-rootkit scan.

To scan your computer for rootkits now, you need to start the scan manually – by pressing the Search for rootkits button.



Scan applications, Scan DLL (dynamic) libraries, and Scan drivers enable you to specify in detail what should be included in the Anti-Rootkit scan. These settings are intended for advanced users; we recommend to keep all options switched on.

Also you can select the Anti-Rootkit scan mode:

· Quick rootkit scan – scans only the system folder (typically c:\Windows)
· Full rootkit scan – scans all accessible disk drives except A: and B:


To launch the Anti-Rootkit scan, press Search for rootkits.