Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange – Advanced Settings

Getting here: Main Screen -> Main Menu Tools -> Advanced settings -> Server components -> branch Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange -> Advanced Settings


The Advanced Settings branch contains extensive setting options for the Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange component. These settings are intended for experienced users, typically network administrators who need to configure the antispam protection in full detail for the best protection of e-mail servers.

We strongly recommend not changing any settings unless you are fully familiar with all advanced settings of Spamcatcher (MailShell Inc.). Any inappropriate changes may result in bad performance or incorrect component functionality.

If you still believe you need to change the Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange configuration at the very advanced level, please follow the instructions provided directly in the user interface. Generally, in each dialog you will find one single specific feature and you can edit it – its description is always included in the dialog itself:

· Cache fingerprint, domain reputation, LegitRepute
· Training word training, score history, score offset, maximum word entries, auto training threshold, weight, write buffer
· Filtering language list, country list, approved IPs, blocked IPs, blocked countries, blocked charsets, spoofed senders
· RBL RBL servers, multihit, threshold, timeout, maximum IPs
· Internet connection timeout, proxy server, proxy server authentication

Advanced Settings