Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange – RBL

Getting here: Main Screen -> Main Menu Tools -> Advanced settings -> Server components -> branch Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange -> RBL


RBL (Real-time Blackhole List) server is a DNS server with an extensive database of known spam senders. When this feature is switched on, all e-mail messages will be verified against the RBL server database, and marked as spam if identical to any of the database entries (no personal data is sent over to the server!). The databases contain the latest up-to-the-minute spam fingerprints, and therefore provide the very best and most accurate spam detection.


This feature is especially useful for users who receive large amounts of spam that is not being normally detected by the Anti-Spam engine.


By default, the online checking feature is turned off. Check the Query RBL servers box to activate it.


Enabling this feature may slow down the e-mail receiving process on some systems and configurations, as every single message must be verified against the RBL server database. If you experience long response times, try switching this feature off.


The RBL servers list text field allows you to define RBL servers locations. If you wish to turn the feature on but are not sure about specific RBL servers addresses, we can recommend the following:


If you want to use both (or more) RBL servers, divide the addresses by commas or semi-colons, with no extra space. Port numbers should be entered after a double colon, as seen in the example.