Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange – Settings

Getting here: Main Screen -> Main Menu Tools -> Advanced settings -> Server components -> branch Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange -> Settings


By checking the Turn on Anti-Spam protection box, you can activate or de-activate the whole Anti-Spam component.


In this dialog, you can select more or less aggressive scoring measures. Each e-mail message scanned by the Anti-Spam component is assigned a score, i.e. how close the message content is to spam (unwanted e-mails).

You can set the score threshold by typing a value in the field, or by using the slider below. You can set values between 50 (aggressive configuration, non-spam e-mail messages are as likely to be filtered out as real spam; not recommended for normal use) and 90 (most incoming e-mail messages will be delivered normally, a significant amount of spam may be allowed through). The mean value 70, set by default, is considered to be quite an aggressive configuration; e-mail messages that are possibly spam will be filtered out, and non-spam messages are likely to be caught as well.


If you need to set a very specific score threshold, type it in the number field. Unlike the slider, it enables you to enter non-round values, too.


Check the Move message to the junk folder (Microsoft Outlook plugin only) box if you want the detected spam messages to be automatically moved to the “Junk Mail” folder. Please note that this feature is only valid for MS Outlook.

Check the Add recipients of sent e-mails to whitelist (Microsoft Outlook plugin only) box if you want to automatically add recipients of your sent e-mails to the list of approved sender e-mail addresses. Please note that this feature is only valid for MS Outlook.

Check the Modify subject for messages marked as spam box if you prefer to have all messages detected as SPAM marked with a specific word or character in the subject field. Edit the word in the text field and save by pressing OK. We recommend to keep the default value [SPAM].

Check the Ask before reporting wrong detection box if you wish to be asked before any detected spam gets reported to AVG to make sure the message should really be classified as spam. This reporting is a part of Product Improvement Programme (and can be allowed either during the installation process, or later, in the respective dialog of AVG Advanced Settings). If this box remains unchecked, all reports are being sent automatically.

Should you need detailed information on how to configure the spam filters, please refer to the documentation or technical support of your e-mail client.


Anti-Spam Training

There is also an option to train the Anti-Spam protection. This function is useful if you are getting a number of specific e-mails that are incorrectly marked as SPAM, or if you are getting spam that is not being detected. In such cases, we recommend that you train the Anti-Spam so that it recognizes and deals with similar e-mails accordingly. Press the Train Anti-Spam button to launch the Anti-Spam Training Wizard which will guide you through the training process. Detailed help is available in each dialog of the Wizard.