Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange – Whitelist

Getting here: Main Screen -> Main Menu Tools -> Advanced settings -> Server components -> branch Anti-Spam Server for MS Exchange -> Whitelist


The Whitelist represents a global list of approved sender e-mail addresses and domain names; messages from these addresses will never be marked as spam. If there are specific addresses or domains you do not expect unwanted messages (spam) from, you can compile a whitelist of such senders (e.g.””) or domain names (e.g. “”).

The following function buttons are available:

Press Edit to open an editor-like dialog where you can manually enter a list of addresses (the copy/paste method also works well). Insert one item (sender, domain name) per line to keep the list organized and transparent.

Press Import to launch the Wizard for Importing E-mail Addresses which allows you to conveniently input multiple addresses (from your e-mail client, or from a text file).

Press Export to save all records (Whitelist addresses and domains) to a plain text file.