Component Anti-Spam

The Anti-Spam component checks all incoming (and outgoing, if you wish) e-mails, and marks unwanted messages as SPAM. This allows most e-mail clients to filter out and save the spam into a special spambox. The component combines a number of analyzing methods to process each e-mail message for best results.


Should you need detailed information on how to configure the spam filters, please refer to the documentation or technical support of your e-mail client.



All Anti-Spam settings, even the most advanced, can be adjusted in the Settings dialog.


To keep the Anti-Spam component up-to-date, there is a scheduled Anti-Spam rules update task that has been pre-set for you by the AVG manufacturer. You can adjust the schedule settings via the Main Screen -> Main Menu Tools -> Advanced settings… -> branch Schedules -> Anti-Spam update schedule. Help is available in the dialog directly.


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