E-mail Scanner for MS Exchange (routing TA) – Detection actions

Getting here: Main Screen -> Main Menu Tools -> Advanced settings -> Server components -> branch E-mail Scanner for MS Exchange (routing TA) -> Detection actions


In this dialog you can configure how the E-mail Scanner for MS Exchange (routing TA) component should behave, when it detects a threat. The threats are divided into several categories:

· Infections – malicious codes that copy and spread themselves, often unnoticed until the damage is done.
· PUP (Potentially Unwanted Programs) – such programs, in general, vary from positively serious to only potential threats to your privacy.
· Warnings – detected objects unable to be scanned.
· Information – includes all detected potential threats that cannot be classified as any of the above categories.

Use the roll-down menus to select an automatic action for each of them:

· None – an e-mail message containing such threat will be left alone.
· Move to Vault – every infected e-mail message file will be moved into Virus Vault quarantine environment.
· Remove – infected parts (e.g. attachments) of an e-mail message will be deleted (however, the message as a whole remains).

For each category there is also the Mark subject with… box. If you checked, a short text will be added into the subject of every e-mail message containing such threat. Insert the desired text into the field below. Texts set by default are like [INFECTION], [SPYWARE] etc.

Detection actions