E-mail Scanner for MS Exchange (VSAPI) Component

The purpose of the E-mail Scanner for MS Exchange (VSAPI) component is to check all e-mails stored in user mailboxes. If any viruses are detected, they are moved to the Virus Vault, or completely removed.

Note: VSAPI is an abbreviation used for the “Virus-Scanning Application Programming Interface”. It is an interface defined by the Microsoft Corp. meant  primarily for the incorporation of anti-virus control into the MS Exchange environment.

The dialog contains a brief information about the server component’s functionality, information on its current status (The component is active…), and some statistics – number of checked e-mail parts and detected threats.

You can update these statistics at any time by clicking the Refresh statistical values link. New data will appear almost immediately. If you want to set all statistical values to zero, click the Reset statistical values link. Finally, clicking the Scan results link will trigger a new dialog containing a list of scan results. Sort the data in the list using radio buttons and/or tabs.

The working buttons are as follows:

Settings – use this button to open E-mail Scanner for MS Exchange (VSAPI) settings.

Back – press this button to return to the Server components overview.