Component Identity Protection

The Identity Protection component gives your computer a realtime protection against new and even unknown threats. It monitors all (including hidden) processes and over 285 different behaviour patterns, and can determine if something malicious is happening within your system. For this reason, it can reveal threats not even yet described in the virus database.

Whenever an unknown piece of code comes onto your computer, it is immediately watched for malicious behaviour, and tracked. If the file is found to be malicious, Identity Protection will remove the code into the Virus Vault and undo any changes that have been made to the system (code injections, registry changes, ports opening etc).

You do not need to initiate a scan to be protected. The technology is very proactive, rarely needs updating, and is always on guard.



Click the link Display monitored processes and Activity monitor to view (and terminate) individual processes, applications, and connections running on your computer.


Activate Identity Protection – uncheck to turn off the Identity Protection component. We strongly recommend not to do this unless you have a real reason to do so!

When the Identity Protection is active, you can specify what to do when a threat is detected:

· Always prompt – upon threat detection, a special dialog will appear enabling you to decide what to do with the threat (remove or ignore).
· Automatically quarantine detected threats – all detected threats will be automatically quarantined (moved to the Virus Vault).
· Automatically quarantine known threats – only known threats, already verified as positively dangerous, will be automatically quarantined (moved to the Virus Vault).


AVG Anti virus forward Identity Protection Advanced settings

Identity Protection