Component License

The License component manages your license number.

AVG Anti virus hmtoggle arrow1 License What is a license number?

A license number is a unique string of characters issued by the program manufacturer. Every single copy of AVG must have one; you either receive a license number upon purchasing AVG or, if you have a Trial/Free version, a relevant license number is included in the installation package and used automatically.

The license number has several functions: It determines which specific AVG edition you have and for how many workstations, it entitles you to priority updates and full access to our Customer Support.

Typically, your license number is valid for two years.


The component allows you to access your current license number, and to enter a new one when you need to re-validate (e.g. your current license is expiring, or you have purchased another AVG edition).


If you have questions regarding license numbers, AVG editions and like, we recommend:

· searching the Sales FAQ section at,
· contacting our Customer Support.



The component overview displays your current license number, its type (full or free), expiry date, and the maximum number of computers that can be protected by this license.

License actions

Register – opens up the AVG website on the page where you can register your product. This registration will give you full access to private AVG 2011 discussion and technical support forum (unregistered users can’t post questions to the forum). To ensure you can always access authorized technical support for AVG 2011, we strongly recommend you to register your software.

Re-activate – opens up the activating dialog allowing you to enter a new license number. Typically, you will need to do this in one of the following cases:

· Your current license is expiring, or has already expired, and you have purchased license renewal,
· You have purchased another AVG Edition.