AVG Search-Shield

The Search-Shield technology, part of the LinkScanner component, works as a plugin for the following web browsers:

· Internet Explorer
· Mozilla Firefox

It scans every single link generated by the most popular Internet search engines: Google, Yahoo!, Bing (former MSN Search), Altavista, and Baidu.


How does it work?

As soon as the search engine looks up the relevant links for your query, the LinkScanner component starts scanning each displayed link. While a link is being scanned, you will see a rotating icon next to the link (except on the Yahoo! server which displays a simple gray question mark). Please note that scanning can take some time.

When scanning is finished, the respective informative icon will be displayed:

AVG Anti virus ls ok Search Shield

The linked page is safe. Note: On the Yahoo! server, this icon is not displayed!

AVG Anti virus ls caution Search Shield

The linked page does not contain threats but is somewhat suspicious (questionable in origin or motive, therefore not recommended for e-shopping etc.).

AVG Anti virus ls suspicious Search Shield

The linked page can be either safe itself, but containing further links to positively dangerous pages; or suspicious in code, though not directly employing any threats at the moment.

AVG Anti virus ls danger Search Shield

The linked page contains active threats. You will not be allowed to visit this page!

Please note that when using the Yahoo! search engine, only suspicious or dangerous links are marked! All unmarked links have been scanned and found to be perfectly safe.