Component PC Analyzer

The PC Analyzer component is an advanced tool for detailed system analysis, as to how the speed and overall performance of your computer might be improved. The following categories can be analysed:

Registry Errors will give you the number of errors in Windows Registry. As fixing the Registry requires quite advanced knowledge, we do not recommend to try and fix it yourself.

Junk Files will give you the number of files that can be most likely done without. Typically, these will be many kinds of temporary files, and files in the Recycle Bin.

Fragmentation will calculate the percentage of your harddisk that is fragmented, i.e. used for a long time so that most files are now scattered on different parts of the physical disk.

Broken Shortcuts will notify you of shortcuts that no longer work, lead to non-existing locations etc.



There are no setting options for this component, only a function button is available:

Analyze now – starts the analysis. You will see the progress and results immediately.

Note: Results of the analysis cannot be saved, only generated again at any moment to reflect the current state of your system precisely.

PC Analyzer