Component Resident Shield

The Resident Shield component gives your computer continuous protection. It scans every single file that is being opened, saved, or copied, and guards the system areas of the computer. Normally, you do not even notice the process, as it runs “in the background”, and you only get notified when threats are found; at the same time, the Resident Shield blocks activation of the threat and removes it.

The Resident Shield is loaded in the memory of your computer during startup, and it is vital that you keep it switched on at all times.


Resident Shield active – uncheck to turn off the Resident Shield component. We strongly recommend not to do this unless you have a real reason!


When the Resident Shield is activated, you can specify what to do when a threat is detected:

Remove all threats automatically – remove the infection to the Virus Vault without prior notice. Please note that access to the infected file will be blocked.

Ask me before removing threats display a dialog enabling you to decide what to do with the threat.

Scan for Tracking Cookies – check to activate this additional protection; all suspicious cookies will be blocked.

Manage exceptions button opens a new dialog allowing you to define folders that should be ignored (not scanned) by the Resident Shield.


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Resident Shield