Component Update Manager

The Update Manager component administrates your Internet connection and settings for correct and timely AVG updating.


AVG Anti virus forward Update Manager What is update?

AVG Anti virus forward Update Manager How can I update?



Start automatic updates – uncheck to turn off regular automatic updates of the AVG virus database. We strongly recommend not to do this unless you have a real reason!

· Periodically – choose this option if you wish to check for updates more than once a day. You can then enter the preferred value (check for updates every x hours/minutes).
· At a specific interval – choose this option to check for updates once a day, and specify interval by setting the desired time in the first box. Please note that for server capacity reasons, the update will be actually performed at random time between the hour set in the first box (by you) and the second box (which is not editable).

Update now – immediately check for new update files, and update automatically if available.


AVG Anti virus forward Update Manager Advanced settings

Update Manager