AVG Basics

This chapter and the subsequent chapters briefly summarize all basic information you might need to know about your AVG system. We suggest that you read them through, especially if you are completely new to AVG.

AVG icon in the system tray

The system tray is a notification area of your screen, usually placed in the right bottom corner, and looks similar to this one:

AVG Anti virus systray AVG Basics

AVG places its icon in the system tray upon installation. The icon is a convenient way to access the most frequently used features:

1. Double-click it to open the Main Screen of AVG.
2. Right-click it to trigger a context menu allowing you to immediately launch a scan, check for updates, run computer analysis, and set up Firewall.


Also, the icon informs you of AVG Security Status:

AVG Anti virus systray1 AVG Basics Everything is all right, you are fully protected.

AVG Anti virus systray2 AVG Basics AVG reports warning or error status, you should check what is wrong.

AVG Anti virus forward AVG Basics Proceed to chapter Security Status for detailed explanation.


What to do immediately after installation of AVG

If you have not already done so, you should definitely:

Also, you might want to check configuration options to tailor the AVG protection and functions to your needs.


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AVG Basics