Command Line Scanning

Alternatively, a scan can be run from the command line (cmd). Command line scanning offers most of the parameters offered by the graphical user interface.


The command line scan is a useful option for servers, or when creating a batch script to be launched automatically after the computer boots.


To launch AVG scan from the command line, run the following command within the folder where AVG is installed (typically C:\Program Files\AVG\AVG10):

· avgscanx for 32bit operating systems
· avgscana for 64bit operating systems


Syntax of the command

With one parameter: command /parameter (e.g. avgscanx /comp for scanning the whole computer)

With multiple parameters: command /parameter /parameter (all parameters in a row, separated by a space and a slash)

With specific values: command /parameter=value;value (values divided by semi-colons, e.g. avgscanx /scan=C:\;D:\)


To display a complete overview of available parameters, type the respective command together with the parameter /? or /HELP (e.g. avgscanx /?).

For a more detailed explanation of the options, see the command line parameters overview.

Note: The only obligatory parameter is /SCAN to specify what areas of the computer should be scanned.


To start the scan, press Enter. During scanning you can stop the process by Ctrl+C or Ctrl+Pause.

Command Line Scan