Schedule Scans

The Schedule scans dialog displays an overview of all scheduled scans, and enables you to edit these, delete existing or define new schedules.


To open the dialog, navigate to the Main Screen of AVG -> shortcut button Scan Options on the left panel -> select Manage Scheduled Scans.

If no user schedule has been created, the overview only contains a scheduled scan of the whole computer defined by the maufacturer. The  scan is set to run once a week (on Wednesdays), and is by default turned off. (To turn it on, just check the Enable this task box on the Schedule settings tab.)

Right-click a scheduled scan to trigger a context menu allowing you to enable/disable the scan, or start the scan now.


To schedule a new scan, or edit an existing schedule:

Press the Add scan schedule or Edit scan schedule button. This will launch the Schedule settings dialog with three tabs allowing you to specify the new schedule in detail.

Delete scan schedule can only be used on user scans. The predefined scheduled scan cannot be deleted.


Scheduled scans can be also viewed, created and managed in the Advanced settings dialog, under branch Schedules.


Scheduling a Scan