Updates are extremely important for the full functionality of your antivirus software, therefore it is necessary to update regularly; for most users, it is advisable to perform an update once a day.

AVG Anti virus hmtoggle arrow1 Updating What actually is an update?

As new viruses are emerging literally every day, the most important feature of an update is to add definitions of new viruses to the internal AVG virus database stored on your local disk. Also, an update can contain various program changes and improvements, new features, language files etc. To distinguish between updates of different importance, Update Levels have been defined.


To ensure that your AVG installation gets updated at the recommended daily basis, there are several manufacturer pre-set update schedules, so normally you will not need to worry about updating at all.

However, you might want to know how to:

1. adjust settings of the update schedules,
4. adjust advanced update settings,
5. adjust Internet connection settings for updates: Proxy settings, Dial-up connection, Update sources (URL).